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ACROSS enables user-centric design and implementation of interoperable cross-border (digital) public services

Compliant with the current European regulations

Join 1st ACROSS Policy Brief: User-centricity, interoperability and citizens’ data sovereignty: the foundations of cross-border digital public services

Towards user journeys for the delivery of cross-border services ensuring data sovereignty

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ACROSS aims to provide an integrated ecosystem to co-design, co-create and co-deliver user-centric, accessible, interoperable and regulation-compliant cross border digital services, while assuring the data sovereignty and control to the citizens.

New Governance Model

Data Governance framework

Modules Set-Up

Applications & Platform Integration

Latest Posts

ACROSS SW Component Citizen Front End

ACROSS SW Component Citizen Front End

The Citizen FE serves as an inclusive guide for individuals intending to relocate to another European country for study or work. It functions as a centralized portal, providing digital services and comprehensive information on the process of moving abroad. This...

ACROSS Software Component Transparency Dashboard

ACROSS Software Component Transparency Dashboard

The Transparency Dashboard Software Component implemented in ACROSS is the Web portal for End Users (acting as Data Subjects) to manage the Services they use and their related consents and get an overview of what is happening with their Personal Data. Citizen can add,...