On July 11th and 12th, the 5th ACROSS Plenary meeting was held in Athens, Greece, at GRNET’s offices that have co-hosted the plenary with ATC. Over the course of the meeting, all Partners presented the status of the activities for which they are responsible and the progress made over the past 6 months. In general, the project is well on track and the progress made is in line with the planning of activities. During the presentations, each Partner also pointed out any difficulties encountered or open points to be clarified, and highlighted what the next steps will be to continue the activities. During the meeting, the Partners discussed widely all aspects of the project, analyzing what has been done so far and defining a strategic planning for the next project steps. The Partners then coordinated to clarify roles and responsibilities, activities and tasks with related outputs. They also reviewed the schedule of deliverables and listed priorities and deadlines for the final months of the project. In conclusion, the meeting was very productive and useful for the Partners to compare and collaborate in the best way to complete the project in the coming months.