On the occasion of the European Day of Personal Data Protection, held on January 31st 2023, the ACROSS Partners GRNET and GFOSS co-organized a discussion event on the topic “Power to the People? Towards a human-centered data governance model”.

During the event, Petros Christopoulos, Project Manager, Directorate for Digital Governance at GRNET, presented the ACROSS project, focusing on the Data Governance topic and the effort to put citizens’ ownership and control over their personal data at the center of cross-border public service design.

Other topics presented during the event were:

  • The global MyData initiative and the contribution of MyData Operators to a sustainable and fair personal data governance for all;
  • The European regulatory framework and the challenges of balancing a human-centric model of personal data governance and privacy protection;
  • The relevant initiatives of the Ministry of Digital Governance.

” The full recording of the meeting is available at the following link (in Greek): https://digigov.grnet.gr/diadiktyaki-ekdilosi-gia-tin-evropaiki-imera-prostasias-prosopikon-dedomenon/