The first Horizon Results Booster1 joint policy paper, with the contributions of projects ACROSS, Ingov, Interlink and mGov4EU2, has been published and it’s available at this link.

The HRB – Horizon Results Booster is an initiative of the European Commission which aims to bring a continual stream of innovation to the market and maximise the impact of public funded research within the EU.

The ACROSS consortium has joined efforts with other projects inGov, Interlink and mGov4EU to create a Project Group under the “Innovative Public Services for EU Citizens” cluster that addresses the topic of improving the life of European citizens by working on the Digital transformation of public services in order to comply with the European agenda to have 75% of the European public services digitally available by 2025. The umbrella for the activities that partners will work on is “Innovative Public Services for EU Citizens.”

The policy brief, which is part of the joint dissemination activities that the Project Group is carrying out, aims to address the challenges and recommendations for a smarter eGovernment for European residents. In particular, it aims to identify the barriers that compromise the advancement of eGov services and the recommendations to overcome them. The policy brief emphasises the importance of user-centricity in digital public services and mobile-first in digital policy, also highlighting the need to increase interoperability across countries, create a unified cross-border service platform, deliver data protection and privacy to citizens, and improve mutual trust between member states.

1- The HRB – Horizon Results Booster is an initiative funded by the European Commission, Directorate General for Research and Innovation, Unit J5, Common Service for Horizon 2020 Information and Data.

2- These projects have received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 (H2020) Research and Innovation programme under Grant Agreements: ACROSS 959157; inGOV 962563; INTERLINK 959201; mGov4EU 959072;