Last week, Nathan da Silva Carvalho, project manager and research associate from the Lisbon Council, presented a banner for ACROSS in the recent IFIP EGOV 2022. The conference took place in Linköping, Sweden and was organised by IFIP 8.5 WG in ICT & Public administration.

During three days, the discussions included in the conference’s programme focused on eGovernment, open government, eParticipation, and eDemocracy. Other related topics such as the role of social media, digital transformation in society, artificial intelligence, policy informatics, cybersecurity, legal informatics, smart governance and social innovation were also included.

The ACROSS poster showcased the project’s goals, objectives and current status. Participants could also easily access the project’s social media and newsletter using a QR Code, conveniently placed into the design of the banner to facilitate interaction with the conference’s participants.

Many researchers from the digital government field were present during the event, and the discussions were great for fostering the most recent debates surrounding eGovernment.