Nikos Vasilakis, Deputy Director of Digital Governance at GRNET, recently showcased a research article at the 24th Annual International Conference on Digital Government Research (dgo.2023). Held in the city of Gdańsk, Poland, from July 11-14, 2023, the conference brought together a global community of experts. The presentation was delivered during Track 7, dedicated to Cross-border Governance and Service Impact Assessment.

The research article, titled “Enhancing Cross-border Mobility by Adopting a User Journey Approach for Digital Public Services,” is the result of collaborative effort and co-authored by by Nathan Da Silva Carvalho (Oak Consulting), Lucy Temple (UWK), Petros Christopoulos (GRNET), Ipek Köysürenbars (DATAPORT), Michaela Pfeiffer (DATAPORT) and Matīss Veigurs (VARAM).

The research article aims to explore the potential of adopting a user journey approach for improving cross-border mobility through the design and implementation of cross-border digital public services. The research involves qualitative and quantitative methods to gather data from stakeholders and citizens in different cross-border mobility scenarios, including interviews, surveys, and usability testing and it provides insights into the potential of the user journey approach for enhancing cross-border mobility and inform the development of digital services that support seamless and efficient mobility in Europe.

The research is a synergy article between the objectives and findings of project ACROSS, which aims to enable user-centric solutions for cross-border services, and project mGOV4EU which focuses on inclusive mobile Government services that meet EU citizens’ expectations.

By providing a well-rounded understanding of user needs and preferences, this article aims to contribute to future research and development in the realm of digital governance and cross-border services.

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