In the month of January, partner GRNET has presented ACROSS during the second day of the Innovation HUB for Digital Governance GR digGOV-innoHUB first project meeting, held on January 25th-26th 2023.

The Innovation Hub brings together sixteen leading public bodies, academic and research institutions and laboratories throughout Greece that, thanks to their know-how and decisive role in the digital transformation, will join forces to create and implement innovative digital solutions in the Public Administration leveraging advanced technologies and adopting open software, open data and open standards. The project is coordinated by the National Technology and Research Infrastructure Network (EDYTE SA – GRNET SA) and is co-financed by the Digital Europe Program[1] and the Competitiveness Operational Program 2021-2027.

During the project meeting, ACROSS has been presented by Petros Christopoulos and Nikos Vasilakis, from GRNET, who have illustrated an overview of the project with a focus on the possible expected benefits that ACROSS results could have for Greece in improving the country’s score of cross-border services status, particularly through the design of a better user experience and improving transparency and data governance, allowing citizens to have ownership of their own data.