The usability, the impact and future challenges regarding the ACROSS electronic platform are the main aspects of the evaluation activities that were launched at the beginning of January. The ACROSS solution has been developed to facilitate the mobility of citizens wishing to work or study in a country of the European Union and it is now tested in three pilot countries, namely Greece, Germany and Latvia by GRNET, Dataport and VARAM, respectively. The assessment survey aims to measure user satisfaction and to identify areas of strength and the areas for improvement. It also aspires to gather insights on how to maximize the value of the proposed solution, which will guide future actions for the provision of cross-border digital services in the European Union. 

From government officials to students that have experienced or are planning to move abroad and professionals from different backgrounds, ACROSS has addressed a wide array of people to ensure the adequacy, the quality and the validity of the collected data. The survey consists of usability testing of the ACROSS platform by citizens, as well as evaluation questionnaire by experts -service providers, Public Sector policy makers, who have been briefed and familiarized with the structure and features of the platform. 

The survey will be open until the end of January and the results will be released in February 2024.