The ACROSS project was presented during the 23rd Annual International Conference on Digital Government Research (DGO2022). During Panel 1, under the theme of New Forms of Delivering Public Goods and Inclusive Public Services: Enablers, Benefits, and Barriers, Enrique Areizaga, Digital Transformation Manager at TECNALIA, chaired part of the discussion and introduced the project while explaining how it will help the EU achieve cross-border services that follow a human-centered approach.

About the conference
The 23rd Annual International Conference on Digital Government Research featured the main theme of “Opportunities, risk and policies in smarter cities: Intelligent Technologies, Governments and Citizens”. Data and computational algorithms make systems smarter, but should result in smarter government and citizens.

Intelligence and smartness affect all kinds of public values – such as fairness, inclusion, equity, transparency, privacy, security, trust, etc., and is not well-understood. These technologies provide immense opportunities and should be used in the light of the public values. Society and technology co-evolves and we are looking for new balance between them. Specifically, the conference aims to advance research and practice in this field.

During the past twenty-two years, the DGO conferences have been at the forefront of digital governance transformations. In its 23rd anniversary, the DGO 2022 conference built on past themes to advance our knowledge about the creation of public values via digital innovations with particular focus on smart government, intelligent technologies, inclusivity, collaboration, and community.