Open Technologies Alliance – GFOSS will present the EU funded project ACROSS (Horizon 2020) during the first day of the MyData 2022 conference on June 21-22  in Helsinki. GFOSS is an associate third party in the ACROSS project, a three year research and innovation EU program aiming to create an enabling ecosystem for interoperable cross border public services to transform study and work abroad into a human centric trustworthy experience.

The presentation will take place at a joint workshop, along with Anu Passi-Rauste from HeadAI, titled  Human Centric Skills Data Ecosystem. Alexandros Melidis, director of GFOSS and member of the MyData Greece local hub will give an overview of the ACROSS project key objectives with specific focus on the data governance framework which is based on three pillars (MyData, Attribute based credentials, International data spaces). The goal of the workshop is to stimulate discussion among participants from the MyData global community about the ACROSS solution for a human centric study and work abroad platform that is designed with co-creation and privacy by default principles. Participants will be encouraged to share their feedback on cross cutting topics and questions in relation to the overarching theme of Human Centric Skills Data Ecosystem such as the kind of human centric data skills needed and possible models for sustainable human centric ethical  by design data ecosystems and applications.

The MyData 2022 conference takes place for the sixth time with the ambitious goal to shape a digital society that is  more fair and prosperous by the ethical use of personal data. As we live in an era of accelerated use of personal data, the need for giving end users more transparency and control over their data trails is evident. The current legislative changes, especially the upcoming EU AI Act bring more opportunities and more responsibilities for data-based organisations of all kinds.

MyData 2022 is a chance for businesses, public sector and the civil society to meet and work on emerging trends and best practices in this domain. Together we can work out the best solutions and business models that are ethical, yet profitable.