ACROSS has presented (online) at the international conference Data for Policy 2021 – Lessons for Policy-Data Interactions after Covid-19, which took place online from September 14 to September 16 2021. The Data for Policy conference series is the premier global forum for multiple disciplinary and cross-sector discussions around the theories, applications and implications of data science innovation in governance and the public sector.

Specifically, the poster has been presented in Standard Track 1.A: Data-driven Transformations in Policy and Governance, led by Eric Meyer (Senior Fellow of the Oxford Internet Institute).

This standard track focuses on the high-level vision for philosophy, ideation, formulation and implementation of new approaches leading to paradigm shifts, innovation and efficiency gains in collective decision making processes. Topics include:

  • Data-driven innovation in public, private and voluntary sector governance and policy-making at all levels (international; national and local): applications for real-time management, future planning, and rethinking/reframing governance and policy-making in the digital era;
  • Data and evidence-based policy-making;
  • Government-private sector-citizen interactions: data and digital power dynamics, asymmetry of information; democracy, public opinion and deliberation; citizen services;
  • Interactions between human, institutional and algorithmic decision-making processes, psychology and behaviour of decision-making;
  • Global policy-making: global existential debates on utilizing data-driven innovation with impact beyond individual institutions and states;
  • Socio-technical and cyber-physical systems, and their policy and governance implications.

Francesco Mureddu, Director at the Lisbon Council, has also chaired the Standard Track 3.B: Policy Frameworks, Governance and Management of Data-driven Innovations.

The programme is available online.