The ACROSS Impact workshop helped to identify the full potential of the ACROSS platform; to revolutionise cross-border services in Europe. The goal of the workshop was to align the advantages of our product with the real needs of our potential customers. We’re here to answer the pivotal questions every customer asks when making a purchase – What value does this product bring to my life?

Customers, like savvy investors, must weigh the cost of acquiring our product against the added value it promises to bring into their lives. It’s all about how we can elevate their daily experiences in a way that truly resonates with them.

During our immersive workshop, we extended an open invitation to a group of non-technical participants to explore and test the diverse functionalities of our platform. Their feedback was pure gold.

They dove headfirst into a “Crazy8” brainstorm, led by Waag. This led to very interesting ideas of exploitation not previously identified by the consortium. The most rated User Journeys were:

  • As a high school student, going on a language exchange for a couple of months is a valuable experience. However, finding a suitable school and a family that is willing to host you and dealing with the necessary paperwork can form a high threshold. Parents of these students want to ensure that their children end up at certified schools and with trustworthy families. A platform like ACROSS can help these students and parents with the preparations for their journey abroad, while ensuring that they remain in control of their data.
  • Bigger organisations or companies often offer support for foreign employees to relocate. ACROSS could be a part of this support package, as it aids the employee in their preparation for the big move.
  • ACROSS can even be of added value for people who are not planning to move abroad. For example, if you are planning to open a business abroad or to buy a holiday home, you will also need to deal with paperwork abroad. ACROSS can help structure and keep track of those processes.

In sort, we uncovered several additional User Journeys, each tailored to captivate potential paying customers with very different approaches. This not only promises to improve the customer experience, but also ensures the long-term success and sustainability of ACROSS as an innovative product.

If you are eager to be part of this amazing experiment, contact Marit of Waag at marit[at]waag[dot]org. Join us in reshaping the future.”