An important landmark for ACROSS happened recently. During the online plenary meeting, all project partners gathered to showcase all the tangible results in each work package (WP). During the plenary meeting, team members discussed the progress of the project and clarification of open points. Each work package leader presented what has been achieved so far, open points, blocking elements, key dependencies, and information about the next steps, focusing on the coming months.

Furthermore, the consortium analysed ACROSS use cases in terms of functionality and utilisation of project outcomes, also looking at how they will be demonstrated. The goal was to understand the architectural requirements from ACROSS use cases and their related properties regarding the datasets to be exploited in the project. It was also discussed the project’s outcomes that can be exploited in the future and possible policy recommendations, which will be made available on a policy brief. 

Finally, the consortium talked about the dissemination and communication of the project, along with remaining deliverables and planning until the end of the project’s first year.

·       The current public deliverables are available on the deliverable webpage of our website.

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